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Vision Europe creates within the pan-european culture- and peace-project a common vision of Europe as a home continent for more than 820 millions of Europeans.


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The goal is to make VISION EUROPE visible and tangible,

and spread it in the hearts of Europeans, into 51 countries and anchor them in a sustainable way, so that everyone knows them and has an idea of what it means to be European – For a broad enthusiasm for Europe, for a European consciousness – for peace, security, orientation and stability in a united Europe.

The Project

ALINA ATLANTIS visualizes in a unique, pan-European, cultural and peace project VISION EUROPE and spreads the vision with her partners throughout Europe into the hearts of all Europeans.


… VISION-EUROPE will be visible on canvas – create orientation.
… VISION EUROPE will be experienced on stage – inspire enthusiasm.
… VISION EUROPE will be spread through all European countries and anchored in the hearts all of Europeans – develop identity.

The Aim

enthusiasm for EUROPE, interest in EUROPE. 
EUROPE as the agreed home continent of all Europeans.
European identity, Pan-European awareness, orientation, trust
prosperity, security and peace.


Our TV channel is live! We will keep you up to date with news and information about the project.
The new videos are available at all channels.


The VISION EUROPE »disclosure« Mission Statement

The vision of Europe will see the light of day. For the first time it is historically unique for everyone in Europe: a mission statement for one Europe! 
Europe is a commitment and it remains a commitment. 
Vision Europe Now! has the aim to make the vision europe visible. 


Programs and Events


08th of May – 10th of May, 2021

Achern in der Ortenau/Deutschland, Illenau-Festsaal


Discover our latest news: 
here you will find current press-releases, news articles as well as project progresses.

Vision Europe in the school

Many thanks to Mr. Helge Orlowski, school director of vocational school Kehl, and many thanks to Mrs. Dr. Sabine Schick and Mr. Andreas Gabriel for the informative exchange and the[…]

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AMBASSADOR statements

 Discover all statements.

Projekat prati put duge. Evropa je bila i biće kolevka civilizacije, napredka i progresa čovečanstva. Jačanje društvenih i ljudskih životnih vrednosti.


Zirko Zarkov

Ich wünsche Ihnen alles Gute und viel Erfolg für Ihr Projekt VISION-EUROPA-JETZT!”


Dr. Angela Merkel
©Foto: CDU/ Laurence Chaperon

This project is a game-changer. I expect a unified Europe to lead in political, economic, and technological innovation. People will have a higher economic and political bargaining power.”


Lorenz Barman

„Europa muss wieder ein Projekt werden, das Geist und Herzen der Menschen berührt, die Menschen müssen es zu ihrem Projekt machen. ALINA ATLANTIS gelingt es mit ihren Bildern, die Vision Europa tatsächlich greifbar zu machen und damit zur Entwicklung einer gemeinsamen Identität beizutragen.“

Dr. Norbert Röttgen MdB

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supports as a European initiative for the distribution and anchoring of the European vision – the unique cultural and peace project of ALINA ATLANTIS.
With your support you afford a historically important contribution to spread and anchore the vision europe in the heard of all europeans.

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