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Europa-Union Ortsverband Achern und Umland guest at VISION-EUROPA-JETZT e.V., the European initiative for the dissemination and anchoring of the EUROPEAN VISION

On November 8, 2017, the Europa-Union Ortsverband Achern und Umland with an interested group visited the Acherner Atelier of the visual artist, project initiator and chairman of the recognized non-profit association VISION-EUROPA-JETZT e. V., ALINA ATLATIS, in order to inform themselves about the project status and the project development.

“The cultural-political peace project VISION-EUROPA-JETZT, which is so urgently needed, has meanwhile triggered an international response. A daily growing number of like-minded people help to lend wings to VISION-EUROPA – for peace, security, stability, identity and orientation of the people in a united Europe”. The hostess was able to convey this presentation to the visitors in words and pictures in an excellent manner. No question remained unanswered in the exchange of opinions, the guests showed great interest.

“The project VISION-EUROPA NOW should definitely be successful and carried from Achern to Europe. We support Mrs. Atlantis in her project VISION-EUROPA NOW. The Acherner Europa-Freunde are convinced of the drive, courage and endurance of the artist Alina Atlantis. Together with the artist, the active members of the Europa-Union Achern and the surrounding area want to continue to intensively exchange ideas with each other and work together actively to help the VISION-EUROPA-JETZT project to be successful on a local level as well”.

 Peter Lorenz, Chairman of the EUROPA-UNION local federation Achern and surrounding area