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Crossmedia Exhibition and Special Sale

Crossmedia Exhibition and Special Sale

Could you imagine that somebody uses 10 years of research and analysis of european countries to develop the CORE of VISION EUROPE integrating their values, history, present, future and aspirations in one picture? Alina Atlatis from Achern did it. The result is a 40 squaremeter mission-statement Vision-Europe. There were 1.000 people from all european countries involved, with over 10.000 project-ours.  The premiere of the Vision-Europe-picture painted by Alina Atlatis was on 22zh of May in the Europa-Atelier in Achern-Germany. It was an amazing premiere for all guest and for about 1.000 visitors to see this picture life.

The project goes on: The core of the Vision-Europe and the results of the Europe- laboratory are the basics for the Europe-wide spread of the vision Europe – that everybody knows it – and the multimedia musical- and the stage show with artists from Europe.

The Vision Europe becomes alive on stage. The people gets an idea what Europe means, what it is and what europe is able to do. You will experience the power, the beauty, the goals, the humanistic basic values and the cultural wealth of Europe, but also the danger and the necessity to get together. The visione Europe goes on stage through al countries in Europe. Get inspired from this unique picture of europe, the crossmedoa-project documentation as well as from special atmosphere from Europe.

With special offers: for example canvas prints from 20 € up, entrance free.