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The Lions Club Simplicius Offenburg started its Easter egg campaign

Proceeds for “WOMEN ARE HELPING WOMEN” A “sunshine” in Corona times: Even if the sale cannot take place at the weekly market, the Lions from Club Offenburg Simplicius pull their “Easter egg raffle”. “Here we have the sunshine in the form of an egg – and guaranteed to be virus-free!” Joked Hitradio Ohr-Chef and Vice-President…
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Our New Flyer is printed!

Whoo-hoo!!! Our first DIN long flyer is here!Just fresh from the print shop – chic and informative:VISION-EUROPA in the 4th project step as a common standard flyer for the Ortenau/Baden/Baden-Württemberg/Germany/Switzerland and Austria. VISION-EUROPE-NOW! – BE A PART OF IT!

Vision Europe in the school

Many thanks to Mr. Helge Orlowski, school director of vocational school Kehl, and many thanks to Mrs. Dr. Sabine Schick and Mr. Andreas Gabriel for the informative exchange and the enthusiasm for Europe at the Europe Atelier before the Corona crisis started.

Uwe Zehe Gothaer Insurance – our partner

Our partner Uwe Zehe Gothaer Insurance has also followed the recommendation of the German government and is unable to attend personal appointments or has temporarily closed the office for customer contacts. You can still reach the office Zehe by phone and mail and get advice on this way.

Partnerwall at the Waldsee-Stadium SV OBERACHERN

The partner wall in the forest lake station has also been installed. SV Oberachern covered the entire area in time for the second half of the season. We reduced the perimeter advertising board in the stadium to the web address so that we can lead interested parties to the homepage. To our great regret, the…
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D’orell Juwelier & Optik at the Acherner mainstreet has also been our partner since the start of the project. Our partner is also affected due to the Corona pandemic. If you now need wedding rings, a gift or glasses, you can get consultation by email or phone. #together #solidarity

The Mission Statement of vision Europe and our partners in the gallery at Adlerplatz Achern

The partner wall in the gallery at Adlerplatz was installed early in March. The MISSION STATEMENT is visible on textile printing in a size of 4.00m * 2.40m on the front. In addition, we have attached various explanatory boards. The backs are printed differently so that we can change the views here.

SAVE THE DATE! – 1st VISION-EUROPE-DAYS 2020 – 29th September – 1st October 2020

Achern in der Ortenau/Germany, Illenau-Festsaal

VISION-EUROPE-MOTIVES on over 3000 Easter eggs

EVERYDAY VALUES: »MINDFULNESS« – The Star 2020 Easter is a celebration of hope.Vision Europe motives are part of everyday life for Europeans on Easter eggs. This year’s motive 2020 is a detail from the 40 sqm VISION-EUROPE picture. The Collector’s Edition is a collaboration with the Lions Club Offenburg Simplicius. Together with the Lions Club…
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Our new latest project scheme

… we are in the fourth project step: 2020-2025