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Newsletter April 2019

Newsletter April 2019

The Newsletter of April is still under the impression of last Wednesday.

Three school classes from the Antoniusschule Oberachern and the Werkrealschule Sasbach were at the Europa Atelier last Wednesday. Togehter with the recto Mrs. Gauglitz-Wehle  the artist teacher Mrs. Schwarz-Fleury and fuhter teachers we welcomed they as our guests.

The pupils got one oft he 51 prefabricated wood panel and they painted them with the national flags of europe and typical characateristic oft he countries. Together with the Artist Alina Atlatis they   worked out common goals. This goals have flowed in the big 40 squaremeter mission statement.

A great afternoon! Thanks to the pupils, tot he teachers and tot he Schools. Interesting questions, fantastic pictures, sensational Kids.

The afternoon was accompanied with the TV-TEAM of SWR. You could see the article on the SWR-Media- librari (seaching-code: Landesschau 1.04.2019 from about the 17th minutes).