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Newsletter June 2019

Newsletter June 2019

The first half of the year 2019 was a part with important milestones. Excellent happenings and lasting moments with a lot of interest guests and great visitors.
Das The mission statement VISION EUROPE is born LIVE.


With the opening event at EUROPA-ATELIER the VISION-EUROPE first sees the light of day at 22th of May 2019.
More than 10.000 hours of project work within the first the project steps were “compensated” by standing ovations of the invited visitors at the premiere event and within the next days.

The premiere event with the mission statement disclosure was the highlight at the end of our third project step so far – as promised just in time before the European election started.

We were able to welcome more than 2500 visitors at Europa-Atelier in the first half of 2019. With great interest a lot of viewers enjoyed the unique LIVE painting to see how the the image acquisition process was going on.

Many regional, over regional and from the foreign European school classes were guests. With a lot of workshops we were able to implement the topic Europe into pupil’s and visitor’s awareness.

Many institutions, the city of Achern with the employee reception, guilds, associations and companies get benefits during exchanging of ideas and experiences.

Day by day we published new posts in the social media channels and on our website in the first half of the year. The daily raised access numbers, resting time and range are an indication of the growing acceptance everyday.

More than 40 press news, radio and television reports have likely reported about the project VISION-EUROPA-JETZT!

We accompany the project with video and print documentation. More than 35 video clips were generated. 1200 images. The premiere event was broadcasted live.

What’s next?

– The fourth project step from September 2019 to September 2025

In accordance with an old wisdom “after the game is before the game” we schedule within the fourth project step to distribute Europe-wide the VISION-EUROPE and anchor this vision in the hearts of all Europeans. With the mission statement VISION EUROPE as a compass in our breast. The real beginning is NOW!…

Extract from our todo-list:

  • Review of the website  with images + further project documentation
  • Projekt financing I Sponsoring I Donation I Merchandising
  • Finalising of the documentary by filmmaker Frank König
  • Build up a newsletter tool
  • Producing further video clips for social media
  • More school and joinin projects
  • Extension of the school cooperations
  • European event
  • Regional and over regional project events
  • Movie- and university projects
  • Website multilangual and interactive
  • Realization of interactive social media projects
  • Discussions rounds
  • Teamwork with European institutions and artists
  • Project documentary print, movie and digital
  • Scheduling and preparing multi-media-show
  • Scheduling and preparing Europe-tour
  • Tournee-organisation “Sterni on TOUR”

The highlight of the fourth project step is the final Europe multimedia show.

VISION-EUROPE-LIVE, at the latest at May 2025 and after that we will start the Europe tournee.



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Many thanks to our official partners and donors. A few of you suppoted us from the early beginning on, as we had a dream and a few lines on a piece of paper. There were probably no canvas, nor Europe-atelier – just a magazine, our enthusiasm for VISION-EUROPE-NOW! Thank you for your trust.

You are a part of our common VISION EUROPA. We are proud of you.

As we promised, we delivered. And that makes us a little proud. We worked days and nights to justify your confidence. And we hope wholehearted that we meet your expectations. We made it with love and we will work on the next Project step with the same enthusiasm and joy. Thank you.

Also many thanks to our association members, our team, all supported people, our external prviders – it wasn’t always easy with us. And thank you to everybody who belived and supported the VISION-EUROPE-NOW!