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The Lions Club Simplicius Offenburg started its Easter egg campaign

The Lions Club Simplicius Offenburg started its Easter egg campaign


A “sunshine” in Corona times: Even if the sale cannot take place at the weekly market, the Lions from Club Offenburg Simplicius pull their “Easter egg raffle”.

“Here we have the sunshine in the form of an egg – and guaranteed to be virus-free!” Joked Hitradio Ohr-Chef and Vice-President of the Lions Club Offenburg Simplicius, Markus Knoll, in his greeting: In the presence of the main sponsors and the “two wolfgang ”, Who currently form the dual leadership of the Ritterhaus Museum, Wolfgang Gall and Wolfgang Reinbold, the kick-off event for this year’s“ Easter Egg Action ”of the Lions Club Offenburg Simplicius took place on a small scale, the proceeds of which will benefit the association“ Frauenhilfe Frauen ” becomes.

Vice President Joe Huber read the speech by President Sonja Afflerbach, who lives in Strasbourg and therefore did not attend. She thanked the many donors and sponsors, especially the main sponsors pharmacist Klaus Haas, heating and sanitary company Toni Stritt, and the companies Kühl Huber and Engel & Völkers. The eggs, which have a lot, cost eight euros, and “every fourth egg wins!” The motif of the ladybug fits particularly well with the motto of the president: “We serve – mindful and with all senses”.

Evelyn Krümmel of “Women Help Women” thanked in writing for the action that is being carried out by the Simplicius Lions Club. She recalled that police statistics for Baden-Württemberg listed 20,000 cases of domestic violence against women in 2019. 219 women across Germany were killed by their partners. Part of the money also goes to an art project for the often traumatized children of women who have to take refuge in the women’s shelter.

“Thank you for the charity services, also in the past years!” Thanked Wolfgang Gall, who represented Carmen Lötsch, head of the cultural affairs office. He recalled that the Knights House Museum has already benefited from Lions donations.

Alina Atlantis, who has been designing all the motifs for the Easter egg campaign since 2017, recalled that Easter was a festival of hope. Hope gives orientation, regardless of belief or belief. Atlantis’ big theme is “Europe”, and so the 2020 motif also comes from an original four by ten meter painting that combines all previous Lions Easter egg motifs and much more.

The previous motifs, including the dove of peace and the goddess Europe, stand for “peace, freedom, family, friendship and dialogue”. The ladybug embodies mindfulness towards nature and the weaker.

She is pleased that her art and her concerns “go beyond the Easter eggs all over the world,” says Alina Atlantis.

INFO: Due to the restrictions in public life, the Easter eggs are only sold directly through the members of the Lions Club Offenburg Simplicius. If you are interested, please contact us via the homepage.

Original article from Regina Heilig, 19th of March 2020 here.