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For more than 70 Years exist our
fascinating Vision europe.

NOW! It is time that it reaches to the people, that each European knows it!

Europe has no united front. For every European there is no emotional image of the home continent and its common identity. The single parts remain abstract, blurred, diffused and fragmanted. New walls are still being built instead of seeking for other solutions.

A common European house were not considered necesarry because there is a lack of orientation and connections are not clear largely. A compass is missing, which points the way and therefore the European people feel separated from influencing developments. The trust in politic and community declines.

People don’t want to hear endless speeches anymore – they want to see the reality, that Europe is their solution to their problems. 

Since many decades Vision Europe has been discussed. Hardly nobody knows it, no one knows how it looks like, tastes, smells ord feels. 
But a visible vision for Europe was never been more important than it is today!

I want to see the vision. NOW!

I will paint the mission statement VISION EUROPA and make the VISION EUROPE visible and tangible. With all my strength, with all my senses, with all my experience. For us, our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren…

I would like to have an enthusiasm for Europe again, maybe before it is too late for it. Many thanks to all who support me in this project and thus become ambassadors of VISION EUROPE.

As an artist, I see what Europe is right now and what Europe is able to do. I see Europe as a strong, powerful, beautiful mother and woman, who brings together all interests, who is transforming the struggle between good and evil into one as well as into another. A graceful fighter who preserves and progresses forward. Europe is our confidence and our future!

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supports as a European initiative for the distribution and anchoring of the European vision – the unique cultural and peace project of ALINA ATLANTIS.
With your support you afford a historically important contribution to spread and anchore the vision europe in the heard of all europeans.