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“World Beer Award” for our Ambassador!

“World Beer Award” for our Ambassador!

Ambassador receives world title “World Beer Award”! Cheers!

The family brewery of Ulm took stock.

Bauhöfer celebrates world champion beer and chamber winner.

The honors of loyal employees, the honor of Lucas König as chamber winner with the best training qualification with malters and brewers in southern Baden were the focus of the annual celebration of the family brewery Bauhöfer. And it was about the World Beer Award in London.

Bauhöfer Managing Director Siegbert Meier welcomed the around 70 guests, including former employees. The family brewery was once again able to celebrate great success at the World Beer Award in London. The Ulm Maybuck returned with a world championship title. National gold was awarded to the Black Forest Marie, the Ulm export and the Ulm maybock. Ulmer Pilsner, “Keller Nr 5” and the Eisbock won bronze.
Fourth beer hiking day
According to a company press release, sales with “Bauhöfers Schwarzwaldmarie” are continuing to develop positively. Specialties such as maypock and currently the winterbuck from the Bauhöfer family brewery are always in demand. The beer hiking day success story will continue in 2020. It will take place for the fourth time in a row on Sunday, April 26 and will once again attract thousands of hikers to the foothills of the Black Forest. In spring, a festive beer to celebrate 950 years of Ulm is brewed under the motto “Ulm beer village celebrates”. The European Football Championship is also looking forward to. A public viewing with Ulmer beer will take place here in the Achern city garden.

The management proudly presented the young brewer Lucas König from Kehl. He completed his training as a chamber winner in South Baden and was able to accept congratulations from the entire workforce. He now completes the eleven-member brewing team with his training manager and master brewer Alexander Schneider. König had already chosen natural science subjects in preparation for his Abitur. In his job he wanted to have something to do with food processing. “You don’t work anywhere, you stand for the employer and the product.” He is very close to home and wants to stay in the region.
What fascinates him about brewing beer is the variety of raw materials, how they are mixed, how they are treated and what different beers ultimately result from them.
Authorized representative Karin von Fürstenberg was honored for 35 years of belonging to the family brewery. Alexander Schneider has been with the company for 15 years. Sybille Hörnig has been a regular staff member for ten years and Florian Nachtsheim a Sales manager for five years.

Original article from Artikel Baden online, 11th of January 2020